Инфракрасный пленочный теплый пол , система отопления MONOCRYSTAL

16 дек 2016


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Инфракрасный пленочный теплый пол , система отопления MONOCRYSTAL на Украине

MONOCRYSTAL heating film - carbon heating elements consist of a power carbon coating on a heat-resistant polyester film.

Electrical energy is contained in the film from the factory due to the cold ’cable leads that connect to the copper strips and here she turns without losing energy to heat.

Heating Film :

1. Energy saving and economical.

2. Ideal for installation under any type of floor, including laminates.

3. With its slim design, it is simple to install and ready to use.

4. Able to select desired temperature level for your own comfort.

5. Long life-span.

Technical information :

1. Laminate polyester carbon coated heating elements.

2. Supply – 220 volts AC.

3. Max. power – 200 watts per sq.m.

4. Power consumption – 50 watts for 1 sq.m. per 1 hour.

5. Maximum rated surface temperature 50 deg C.

6. Coefficient of conversion of electrical energy into heat energy - 98%

7. Standard roll widths - 60 cm.

8. Standard roll length – 25 metter.

9. Standard thickness – 0.3 mm.

10. Suitable for primary heating or comfort heat source.

11. Recommended control – digital thermostat with floor sensor.

12. Warranty period – 10 years from date of installation.

13. Country of manufacture – Ukraine.

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